Is There a Secret to an Abundant life
Fulfilling Relationships ...

Through Each and Every Stage of Life …

No Matter How Young or Old You Are? 

What if there were a secret that, when unlocked, would allow you to:

  • further your growth so that every day feels like a new adventure
  • create deeply fulfilling relationships
  •  make peace with your past, no matter how difficult
  • recover from addictions
  • raise our children to be fulfilled, productive adults
  • Enjoy harmonious relationships with parents, peers and coworkers?

According to Pamela Levin, author of the ground-breaking new book, The Cycle of Life, there is such a secret.

Pamela Levin's clinical research unveils a paradigm-shattering truth: that we human beings share a blueprint with everything that exists, and that when we learn to live in harmony with that, our transitions through every age and stage of life becomes smooth sailing.

"Pam Levin's leading-edge work is the foundation for Homecoming's Inner Child material and provides the most advanced, effective and compassionate structure available for Inner Child healing."
—John Bradshaw, author of the international best seller, Homecoming




The Cycle of Life
is revised and expanded edition that includes material from Becoming the Way We Are, which has been used by thousands of people around the world to … 

understand yourself and raise self-esteem.

"Now that I know I'm not supposed to outgrow what I needed as a child, I can finally feel normal!" — graphics designer, California

"I found your words very inspiring, and although new concepts to me, very familiar. What I'd been feeling inside was put into words. Thank you." —twenty-year-old first-time mother, eight months pregnant

heal from trauma

"Your book was the perfect healing tool following my divorce. I only wish I'd known before."— reader from Illinois

get unstuck from old, negative patterns

"A useful guide to our stuck points and how to fix them…described in the everyday language of development." — Stephen B. Karpman, MD, author of "Karpman Drama Triangle," CTM., ITAA

My therapist gave me this information two years ago, and it still brings insights.” — client, Batavia, New York

uncover the source of addictions

"I am in Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and have been in Adult Children of Dysfunction al Families, Alakid and Overeaters Anonymous.  Your book told me what I was covering with all these addictions.” — reader from Minnesota

discover what's driving dysfunctional patterns

“I want to use this information in a class I’m teaching for codependents and adult children of dysfunctional families, and later in a class for nurses, and also on health, healing and wholeness.” R.N., Kansas City, MO.

finally find the way to complete unfinished emotional tasks
to find peace

“I’ve not found any material written that makes such clear distinctions between the current developmental tasks of adult life and unfinished business from previous stages.”  — Supervisor of Graduate Programs in Buddhist Psychology, Naropa University.

understanding and accepting your needs as normal

"Now that I know I’m not supposed to outgrow what I needed as a child, I can finally feel normal!” — graphics designer, California

become a better parent as you parent yourself

“I didn’t realize there were stages in parenting as well as in the children being raised, and especially that they are the same stages!  Fantastic!  My parenting skills have now improved and I’m also much more relaxed.  Thank you.”  — parent from Seattle, Wa.

find fulfillment through completing your life tasks

“People in retirement communities love Cycles of Power.  They intuitively understand the childhood of old age, and use the tools to go ahead and do what they need to do, to meet their needs and separate from their families at the end of life.” — geriatric counselor, Scottsdale, Arizona.

strengthen parent-child relationships—at any age

"I learned so much after reading Cycles of Power, including that I have more work to complete and how not to repeat the problems I have with my daughter. Thanks so much.”  — reader from Baton Rouge, LA

Rekindle hope that you can create the life you want for yourself

"…  an exciting addition to the literature … can be read at different depths … reveals a philosophic insistence that hope is always alive and a better life is possible for each human being.” — author and founder of Mothers, Fathers and Others Who Care About Children

Professionals from 72 countries voted to award Pamela Levin with the prestigious Eric Berne Award for this work.  Here's some of the ways professionals apply the rich insights and concepts of The Cycle of Life:

Order "Cycle of Life"

Order The Cycle of Life here!

Excerpt from Review in the "Transactional Analysis Journal"

"...a gentle yet rich flow...
clear, direct language...
accessible and easy to digest...
engages the reader... wonderful"

Read entire review

“We are writing for permission to use this material in our book on training

psychotherapists....  — coauthors, London, England

“I read this book for myself.  Now I’m going to teach it to my psychology class.”  —reader, Malibu, California

“I am a movement therapist and use this material to strengthen cognitive understanding and skills in the area of development.” — massage practitioner, Clinton, WA

“We use this material for the Parent-Child Resource Centre, which offers women a community of support that includes workshops on parenting and topics of interest to women.…” —Program Coordinator for Salvation Army Family Services, Ontario, Canada

 “This material is invaluable in my work…” — drug abuse counselor, New York

 “I’m researching how to apply this information to working with mentally handicapped adults for my degree at the University of Frankfurt. “  — health professional, Griesheim Germany

“I use this material in my work with ACA’s and with victims of sexual abuse because they are totally ignorant of what good parents do. It has a wonderful, “melting effect” with them.” —clinical psychologist, Taylor, Missouri

“This is an incredible resource … for individuals and groups."— editor, Common Ground of Hawaii

“… emphasizes our need for the right environment when we repeat the stages.” —  Parent educator, Minnesota

“Superb information, excellent presentation, full of insights.”  — staff member of the District Services Dept., Santa Clara County Schools, California

The Cycle of Life offers parents of mentally retarded children ways to understand and apply normal stages to their offspring as they attain comparable mental ages.”  — director, Timpany Center for Special Education, Office of the Santa Clara County Superintendent of Schools, California

“Brain injured people go back to ground zero, a prenatal state.  Cycle describes how to take them through the stages of childhood so they can redevelop. This book is basic; it’s the bottom line and should be used as key material for all the human services people, for in-service training and in medical schools.”  — therapist for brain-injured people, Kansas City, Missouri

“As a classroom teacher, Cycles provides me with concrete ways to support and build self-esteem in my students.”  — teacher, San Antonio, Texas

“I am going to suggest this as a must for my students.” — university psychology instructor, Ontario, Canada

Cycle is one of two books that are required reading in my training groups.  — Southeast Institute President, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The Cycle of Life will become your essential guidebook you will constantly consult to learn how to navigate each stage successfully to a freer, happier and more fulfilled life.

I want my copy of The Cycle of Life now!

"I had trouble getting your books at the school library because, apparently they are always checked out…”
— student, Marin, California

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