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You are eligible to access a variety of additional materials. These documents add both depth and breadth to understanding the fundamental pattern that comprises the foundation for the processes at work in all our lives. To greatly enhance your comprehension, use the passwords embedded in these books to access visual images and written materials. Here are a few examples of what is available when you sign in below:

Comparison of Theories of Development
Comparisons of various developmental theories with the cyclic view, in summary form.

The Spiral as Sacred Form
How Native Peoples view the spiral.

The Spiral with Golden Section

Image of the cycle and stages with the Golden Section showing the proportion of one stage to another.

The Law of Proportion Expressed Mathematically
The fractal series that elaborates the relation of the length of time in each stage relative to each other stage. Includes: The Spiral Pattern with Golden Section and Stages Color image that demonstrates how the golden section reveals the proportion of one stage to another.

Stages and Chakras

Summary of the stages and their related Chakras.

Stages and Ego State Development
Image showing the stages of the cycle from the perspective of ego development (a Transactional Analysis perspective)

Stages and Neurological Development
Image delineating the parts of brain development that are in place to allow the developmental tasks of the stage to be carried out.

Demonstrating the Cycle of Life: Six Parts
An explanation of the various aspects of an accurate image that demonstrates the cycle, the stages, the proportion of the stages, the spiral path.

Quick Guide for Referencing the Cycles Material A guide to referencing the various aspects of this material.

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